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As a company we hold third party accreditations with 6 Governing bodies, who all carry out annual auditing of our systems and processes to ensure we keep to a high standard.


Although we are very proud of our credentials it's our clients feed back that make us the happiest. Some of our customers have been with us right from the start, 20 years of customer loyalty speaks volumes about our core values as set out in our Quality Policy. Please take time to read just a few of the many nice comments we have received over our 20 years in business.

We value all comments received, even constructive criticism. If you have used our services please feel free to leave your thoughts below. 

Mears Group Brand Manager

We have an extremely good working relationship with Elec-Sec Ltd and are very happy with the professional service that they provide us with, from planned works, day time and out of hours attendance right through to prompt and accurate paperwork. We hope that this relationship continues for many years into the future.

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